Saturday, 20 July 2013

Let Loose and Be Free

Hi BloggerSphere,
How are you guys doing? Summer time is not something that everyone can enjoy 360 days. Unfortunately/ Fortunately, Singapore is one of the city that experiences summer all year round. We love to explore the city and share them with you guys. Even the most hidden place like car  parks. Today, we went up to the rooftop of a carpark that is located beside the famous temple (Kwan Im Miao) here in Singapore. To juxtapose the clean and white architecture of the carpark, we are dressed in a total opposite of it. 

What's in right now is ribbed boyfriend jeans and number/graphic t-shirts.
Larissa's ripped boyfriend jeans is paired with a nice simple sleeveless tank-top to bring the focus down to her pants while finishing her whole look with the vintage oversize shirt.

Larissa's: Top: Topshop, Jeans: Mango, Outerwear: Vintage, Shoes: Dr. Martens, Bag: KateLove, Glasses: Mango, Watch: Nixon


Sel's: Top & Skirt: HnM, Shoes: Matiko, Bag: Rachel Zoe, Glasses: Topshop

While Larissa is rocking her tomboy-chic look, Selvia style her number jersey with a more tighter skirt to balance out the baggy top. Adding a the leopard print will is making the outfit more daring and different as compared to a strap zara black heels(I am sure you guys know which one I am referring to).

Let us know how you guys style your ripped bf jeans and number t-shirt in the comment below. Thanks for reading.

Stay Stylish,



  1. Oh really cute outfit sweetie!

  2. love your jeans ! :)

  3. Those jeans are awesome!

  4. i really like both outfits!:) really like the jeans & shoes form the first outfit and the shoes & bag from the second:)

    lots of love x

  5. both of you looks so pretty and awesome :)


thanks for the comments lovelies.