Wednesday, 19 June 2013

Hello Blogger Sphere

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We believe there are many of new bloggers are wondering and typing away what to write on the first entry now. It has to be something new, fresh and compelling but at the same time it can't be something cliche or boring. We too, encountered the same problem. Typing away words by words and deleting them because it wasn't good enough. Well, as you guys might get a little clue, YES! We are new. Let us briefly tell you guys about us.

We are currently located in little city called Singapore. Some of our friends that are living in America thought that Singapore is part of China since we are all ASIAN. But, the truth is, Singapore is a small metropolitan city that has summer all year round ( approx. 30 deg Celsius or about 86-90 Fahrenheit).  Singapore is located on the southern tip of Malay Peninsula, and that's explain why sometimes Singapore is too small to be seen in the map.

In this blog, we wanted to show you guys the beauty of this city as well as our tips, guides and style to combat the heat as well as exploring in depth of this metropolitan city.

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Location: Raffles Blvd.
Camera: Olympus Pen P3

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Stay stylish,

Larissa and Selvia